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We have teamed together to bring you a fully populated ecommerce web site”

There are no catches at all, the reason we are offering this service is due to many website companies just sell sites with no care for the customers, whether they work or not. This is how we are different. We will talk trough your business needs, and grasp all the information you give us and turn them in to bespoke website.

We have made it so simple!

Options available:

Rent a site option:

With this innovative option, you can rent your site for as little as £12.00 per week, however this option is only available to 2CDdesign customers. This option is available for customers who are not sure if this business is for them, so you have a try before you buy period. If you decide to rent a site this does not mean you are in anyway obliged to purchase it. Some of our customers once renting decide this is a better option for them and never buy a site. Our portfolio has customers who have been renting site for over two years. One of the advantages of this option is that at any time you feel this is not working for you, we can disable your website for you, with no extra charge.

If you decide this option is for you, once signed up we will build you a fully populated site, with no set up cost. You will also have the chance to personalise your own site, from logo, fonts and colours, again no cost. Buy a site option: If you know this is the right busuiness for you, don’t hesitate buy a site today. A fully loaded site with the 2Cddesigns product range costs from as little as £950.00, hosting will be included for the first year, and the domain ( will be free of charge. You will also have the chance to personalise your own site, from logos, fonts and colours, with no cost. Previous sites designed by the Firmus team,, and

Choose your Domain name.

A domain name will be allocated of your choice, Free of Charge. You choose the look of your site from the colours and the font etc. We will design you a professional logo exclusive to your business. Full shopping cart with Credit card check out via an online merchant.

Who gets the money?

The money from your customer will go straight into your own bank account, the sites we build are already compatible with Paypal, Nochex and WorldPay.